Copper MC Cable

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WesBell MC (Metal Clad) cable is comprised of multiple THHN wires including a green THHN wire used as a ground. Since all of the conductors are insulated with THHN the cable can be used outdoors and in conduit. MC cable also has an aluminum metal clad jacket that acts as conduit for indoor applications requiring much less effort to install.

MC Cable Construction

The construction starts with stranded bare copper which is covered with thermoplastic high heat insulation and a nylon coating. Even the ground wire is covered with green insulation so that it has the same protection as the rest of the conductors. The ground is also the same size as the rest of the conductors and can be used as an additional conductor instead of a ground when necessary.

Above the THHN conductors comes an aluminum metal clad jacket which is why it’s known as MC cable in the industry. The aluminum metal clad jacket wraps around the conductors and attaches to itself allowing it to also unwrap for easy installation. The metal jacket is lightweight and has multiple uses, such as being a ground and acting as conduit for indoor applications that require it. Most indoor applications use NMB cable but also require conduit, so MC cable is a good alternative that covers both needs at a cheaper price.

MC Cable Approvals

Electrical installations require approvals from the NEC and the cable sometimes requires approvals before getting to the installation site. The cable that WesBell provides to its customers is approved for the following: UL83, UL1569, UL1685, AA59544, FT4 and IEEE. The UL approvals guarantee that the manufacturer is making a cable that is in fact certified to certain voltages and temperatures, and in this case 600 volts and 90°C. AA59544 is a federal specification part number system that defines copper electrical wire and FT4 is a flame test that the cable goes through before manufacturing. Furthermore, WesBell is an ISO 9001 certified company that puts processes and procedures in place to assure quality before any shipment. Don’t worry, if something gets by our quality we stand by it 100%.

MC Cable Applications

Metal Clad cables are used indoors for applications that require “conduit” but the aluminum jacket acts as conduit and the cable can be installed without it. It’s also used for outdoor applications since the THHN conductors resist moisture, water, oil and gas. It can be used in conduit and raceway, or any application that has moisture and water, however it cannot be submersed in water or buried directly in the ground. UFB cable is perfect for applications that need a direct burial cable.

MC Cable Manufacturers

WesBell buys all of our MC cables from Southwire and Encore Wire and here’s a blurb from Encore’s specification sheet: “Encore’s MC products provide lower installation cost when compared to traditional conduit and wire, aluminum or steel interlocked sheathing, and MC SmartGround® can reduce installation time even more by eliminating the additional step of terminating the ground.” Southwire and Encore have the best electrical wire products and it’s proven by their trade mark products. They engineer and design products that exceed the industry standard because they feel the cables needed improvements. They aren’t in business to get by selling the same product as everyone else, instead they strive to design a better product for the industry and to make their end user’s lives easier with quicker installations.

  • Construction
  • Bare copper
  • THHN THWN-2 conductors
  • Aluminum MC (Metal Clad) jacket
  • Approvals
  • UL83
  • UL1569
  • UL1685
  • AA59544
  • FT4/IEEE
  • Applications
  • Indoors without conduit
  • Outdoors
  • Underground in conduit
  • Branch feeder and service distribution
  • Power and lighting
  • Control and signal citcuits
  • Fished or embedded in plaster
  • Concealed or exposed installations
  • Environment air-handling spaces