Copper TFFN Electrical Wire

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WesBell TFFN wire is Thermoplastic Flexible Fixture Nylon wire with bare copper strands. It's also used as machine tool wire and appliance wire as specific with the NEC. TFFN wire is rated for 600 volts and 90°C. It can be used in wet or dry locations per TEWN.

TFFN Wire Construction

The construction is designed with bare copper strands in two possible options; solid and stranded. The solid version is manufactured as a single solid copper strand in order to form the wire and hold it in the same position. The stranded version is manufactured with 19 copper strands wound together, which has an equivalent diameter to the single solid strand (18 AWG or 16 AWG).

The insulation is thermoplastic with a nylon coating over it. The easiest way to describe the nylon coating is to envision the nylon piece at the end of a shoe lace. Together, the thermoplastic insulation and nylon coating resist water, moisture, heat, oil and gas.

TFFN Wire Approvals

The wire sold by WesBell is approved as TFFN, TEWN, AWN, MTW, UL66, UL758, UL1063, RoHS and REACH. The first four acronyms are descriptions of the wire and its resistance to certain liquids. The two UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) approvals are conducted at UL to assure end users that the wire is in fact 600 volts, 90°C, etc. Finally, RoHS and REACH restrict certain metals such as lead, and are approvals that make sure the metals (copper) used in electrical wire are safe.

TFFN Wire Applications

Generally speaking, the typical applications are indoors, outdoors and in conduit or duct. Since it can resist most liquids and moisture it can be used in outdoor applications, but cannot be used directly underground. It’s known as Fixture Wire, so when your fixture needs current from the electrical box in the garage, there’s no need to worry about moisture, water, oil or gas coming in contact with it.

TFFN wire only comes in two gauge sizes: 18 and 16. When more current, or amps, are needed for a fixture application THHN wire can be used. THHN wire has a similar construction and set of approvals and attributes as TFFN wire, but it has gauge sizes that vary from 14 AWG to 1000 MCM.

TFFN Wire Manufacturers

Several manufacturers have designed their own version of TFFN along with their own specifications and approvals. For example, some manufacturers are not approved with UL for UL66 and UL758, which means UL has not tested that it’s approved for 600 volts and various other appliance wiring standards. Here is a blurb from UL’s website under UL66 approval, “This standard states basic construction, test, and marking requirements for fixture wires. Fixture wires are single conductor for 600 volts.” Click the links to learn more about UL and how they are a third party that tests and approvals wire and cable products.

Common manufacturers are Southwire, Encore Wire, Cerro Wire, Republic Wire and Unified Wire and Cable. If you need a specific approval for an installation then I suggest you either request a PDF specification sheet from your distributor or you review the manufacturer’s website for the product specification in order to be sure it’s approved.

TFFN Wire Colors

There are 10 standard colors available (Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, White and Green). As a distributor with equipment capabilities, WesBell can also add a spiral stripe to the wire in order to create more than 10 color options for a particular installation. WesBell can also cut, strip, crimp, terminate and spool special lengths as an ISO 9001 certified company.

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