KYNAR Wire Wrap

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WesBell Kynar® wire wrap has a solid silver plated copper conductor with PVC insulation. It has a very thin insulation thickness of .004 inches and a temperature rating of 105°C. It's used as wiring in business machines and computers that are not subject to damage.

Kynar® Wire Wrap Construction

This type of wire is about as simple as it gets. The copper strand only comes in solid and always has a silver coating over it. The insulation is a form of PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) developed by Arkema with the use of Kynar® in the insulation. The Kynar® is a group of materials that resist things like sunlight and moisture (more approvals and applications below), and it’s combined with PVDF insulation. Here is a few words from Arkema’s website: “Kynar® Polyvinylidene Fluoride (Kynar® PVDF) has been used in many types of chemical industry applications since the early 1960s.  Often the acronym PVDF is used to describe a whole class of Kynar® and Kynar Flex® resins of which more than 50 separate commercial grades are available. Each resin has been designed for specific applications to meet customer and end-user needs.”

In other words, it’s not known as “Kynar® insulation” or “Kynar® wire”, instead there is a mixture of elements combined together to create Kynar® and it’s used within the PVDF insulation to resist certain environmental conditions.

Kynar® Wire Wrap Approvals

This wire can be approved with either UL1422 or UL1423 depending on the outer diameter you prefer. UL1422 has an outer diameter range from .0040 to .0045 while UL1423 has an outer diameter range from .0045 to .0050. Ultimately, both types are so close in diameter than they can be used interchanibly, however some applications require a certain approval and there isn’t a wire with both approvals listed or printed in the ledger, other than Alpha Wire’s version. Please contact us for Alpha Wire’s version of Kynar®. It’s approved from -40°C up to 125°C temperature ranges.

Kynar® Wire Wrap Applications

Generally, wire wrapping is an automatic or semi-automatic termination method used in large scale wiring of computer back panels. It involves the helical wrapping of a solid conductor around a rectangular post under controlled tension. The presence of even minute amounts of oxygen in copper can reduce conductivity and cause embrittlement when the copper is subjected to physical stress. It retains its mechanical and electrical integrity even after being subjected to the high forces of the wire wrapping process (Alpha Wire Data Sheet).   

Kynar® Wire Wrap Manufacturers

Several manufacturers design and make this wire with the use of Kynar® materials. Then UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) tests and approves the wire, and stamps it with either UL1422 or UL1423 as such. It’s possible to manufacture it without the UL approval, so be sure to ask for the specific approval you need if your application requires it. Since the outer diameter is between .004-.005 inches and the insulation thickness is roughly .002 inches, the approvals are not stamped on the wire. You’ll need to request a specification (data) sheet from the distributor that you purchased it from in order to determine the exact specifications of the wire you bought.

  • Construction
  • Solid silver plated copper
  • Kynar PVC insulation
  • Approvals
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL1423 approved
  • Applications
  • Wiring of business machines and computers not subject to damage