DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable

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WesBell DLO (Diesel Locomotive) cable contains tinned copper strands and is dual insulated with EP / CPE insulation. The double layer of insulation adds protection for severe outdoor conditions for mining and Earth moving equipment installations. DLO cable is also used in shipyards and as motor leads but mostly as diesel electric locomotives. It's rated for 2000 volts and 90°C.

DLO Cable Construction

The copper strands in diesel locomotive cables are tinned copper to help with high voltage corrosion and there are two different layers of insulation covering the copper strands for the same reason. The 24 AWG tinned copper strands are finely woven together into the different gauge sizes available. Anywhere from 14 AWG to 777.7 MCM, the amount of copper strands increases as the size of the cable increases, however the size of the strands remain 24 AWG throughout.

The first layer of insulation is called Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) and the second layer is called Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE). Both insulation layers together rate this cable for up to 2000 volts in portable power supply applications. The insulation feels like rubber in your hands, so it’s very flexible as a single conductor portable cord product.

DLO Cable Approvals

Diesel locomotive cables need to be further approved due to the severity of applications they end up in. General Cable uses their branded Super Vu-Tron® mark of approval that no other manufacturer can use. However, the standard approvals for DLO are RoHS, UL, CSA, MSHA, 90°C, 2000 Volts, and resistant to sunlight, acids, alkalies, heat and flame. It also has excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

Diesel Locomotive Cable Applications

DLO is a step above welding cable because it is approved for higher voltage and more severe environmental conditions. For example, they are used outdoors where power is not yet supplied such as an industrial construction site, to supply power through generators. That means the cable is laying on the ground, dragged across rough terrain, run over by vehicles and trucks, walked over and hit with all kinds of weather on a daily basis. Therefore, the dual layered insulation helps with more than high voltage.

Typical applications are diesel locomotives, telecom power supply, mining and earth-moving equipment, shipyards, motor leads, and where single conductor power leads must be installed in conduit or raceway. Perhaps you aren’t satisfied with the welding cable you use in your shop and want something strong and more rugged, DLO could be an overkill type of option for you, but usually it’s used in industrial settings that require much more strength.

Diesel Locomotive Cable Manufacturers

Several manufacturers make DLO cable but all design it in their own way. For example, specification sheets will vary in weight, outer diameter, total approvals and types of dual insulation. General Cable is the only manufacturer that can make Super Vu-Tron® DLO cables. Southwire makes DLO 8 AWG with 41 strands of 24 AWG copper while General Cable makes DLO 8 AWG with 37 strands of 24 AWG copper. General Cable offers color upon request (minimum order) while most other manufacturers do not. Be sure to read the specification sheet of the manufacturer that you’re buying because it will absolutely make a difference depending on what exactly you’re looking for in your installation and application.

Diesel Locomotive Cable Lugs

WesBell is an ISO 9001 certified company that cuts single conductor cord products, strips the ends off, and crimps Burndy® lugs to either end. Many of our customers request this service so we have it simplified on or website during the checkout process. Simply choose the size of your cable, the size of your lug, and make notes as to any specific dimensions and strip lengths. We can also add a 2” piece of heat shrink tubing to cover the connection point of the cable and lug for less exposed copper and a cleaner look.

  • Construction
  • Tinned copper
  • EPR / CPE insulation
  • Approvals
  • RoHS
  • UL
  • CSA
  • MSHA
  • 90°C
  • 2000 Volts
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Resists Oil Acids Alkalies Heat and Flame
  • Applications
  • Diesel electric locomotives
  • Telecom power supply
  • Mining and Earth moving equipment
  • Shipyards
  • Motor leads
  • Where flexible power leads must be installed in conduit or raceways