Stage Lighting Cable

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WesBell Stage Lighting Cable (Type SC) is similar to welding cable but it's also UL and CSA approved. Stage cable is rated for 105°C and 600 volts along with being water and sunlight resistant. Type SC is used in portable power systems and in the entertainment industry for theatre and motion pictures. Lights that point towards a stage of any kind are connected to stage lighting cable which is flexible and strong enough to withstand being walked over.

Stage Lighting Cable Construction

It all starts with 30 AWG bare copper strands (Class K) wound together to form each different size ranging from 8 AWG to 4/0. As the cable size increases the amount of 30 AWG coppers strands do as well. For example, 8 AWG cables have 168 strands and 4 AWG cables have 418 strands. These small copper strands keep the flexibility of the cable loose and portable for lighting applications.

Next comes the black CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) jacket that has good flexibility, abrasion resistance and good color retention. Type SC cable is designed to be flexible so that users can coil it when they aren’t using it, but unravel it when they need to reach different areas theaters, events or stadiums. Electrical cables are the opposite, it costs less money to create a less flexible cable with bigger copper strands, but it’s only attractive to buy if the cable is installed forever in a single location.

Stage Lighting Cable Approvals

Since this is an upgrade from welding cable there are numerous approvals to consider. It is RoHS and MSHA compliant, UL and CSA approved, meets 600 volts and has a temperature range of -50°C to 105°C. Any application that requires more voltage or higher temperature must review the approvals of another cable. The amount of AMPS each gauge size carries depends on the length of the cable, so when reviewing the AMPS listing in our charts, be sure to remember that a voltage drop needs to be considered. Otherwise, the AMPS are based on a 250’ continuous run.

Stage Lighting Cable Applications

Generally, single conductor portable cord is used in applications that require handling the cable on a regular basis. Entertainment cables are set up before an event and tend to be taken down after. Some remain stationary when they are attached to lighting displays that point towards a stage, but more often they are taken down and handled regularly. Type SC cables are water resistant, sunlight resistant, withstand severe environmental conditions and withstand exposure to oil, acids, alkalies, heat, flame, moisture and chemicals.

Stage Lighting Cable Manufacturers

Several manufacturers are involved in the industry of designing and manufacturing entertainment cables because it doesn’t require an extensive design process compared to large multiconductor portable cord products. In fact, those manufacturers that are first entering the industry will start with welding and SC cable in order to work their way into more intense multiconductor portable cord cables. Therefore, you might judge the capabilities of a manufacturer based on their extensive line of cables which, in turn, describes their growth initiatives as a company. It wouldn’t make sense to start with the most difficult cable and work your way to easier cables.

Stage Lighting Cable Lugs

WesBell is an ISO 9001 certified company that cuts single conductor cord products, strips the ends off, and crimps Burndy® lugs to either end. Many of our customers request this service so we have it simplified on or website during the checkout process. Simply choose the size of your cable, the size of your lug, and make notes as to any specific dimensions and strip lengths. We can also add a 2” piece of heat shrink tubing to cover the connection point of the cable and lug for less exposed copper and a cleaner look.

  • Construction
  • Bare copper
  • Super Vu-Tron® Black insulation
  • Approvals
  • RoHS
  • UL
  • CSA
  • MSHA
  • 105°C
  • 600 volts
  • Water and Sunlight resistant
  • Withstands severe environmental conditions
  • Resists Oil Acids Alkalies Heat Flame Moisture and Chemicals
  • Applications
  • Portable power systems
  • Entertainment industry
  • Theatre
  • Night Clubs
  • Motion Pictures
  • Mobile Communication Vans
  • Spotlights
  • Sound systems