WesBell Testimonials

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Fixed Error - A+

Thank for your cooperation, I do understand these things do happen with our electronic world. You have been kind, helpful and diligence in solving this problem. Hope you boss take note of your work ethics!! Have a bless day.

Chief Radiologic Technologist Imaging Services
Far Rockaway, NY

1/10th of the cost at my local Lowes

Matt, Thanks for the note. I received my order on time and in good order. My install went great and cost me much less than I was anticipating because of your great price on the wire (about 1/10th of the cost at my local Lowes). I will certainly be keeping you in my for any future needs and definitely recommend you to others for their projects as well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season as well! Brian

Brian Good
Windcroft, CT

Best Service and Prices

It’s true, I’m back, and I haven’t forgotten where to go for the best service and prices, so you will be hearing from me. You be sure and have a great Thanksgiving too.

Ethos Energy - Gila River Power Plant
Houston, TX

Art Builds

Thanks so much Chris!!! You really went above and beyond. We are super appreciative! Because of your efforts it got here in time and our volunteers were able to make great progress yesterday evening utilizing the bare copper wire Wesbell shipped to us. A young adult, Antonio, has been coming to these art builds and has discovered that they are a rare opportunity for him to derive a sense of accomplishment, pride, and develop a useful skill set and talent! Providing opportunities for community members to come together, make art around their shared values, and see their work manifest out in the world is so important. I attached some photos of what you helped us accomplish recently! In Solidarity, -Eric Ross

Backbone Campaign
Vashon, WA


Yesterday, shortly after placing this order I received a phone call from your firm indicating the item I ordered was out of stock. The caller was incredibly generous with his time and concern for my satisfaction and during our conversation made clear I was ordering the wrong thing for my intended use, so he cancelled the order. Just in case not everyone got the memo, I am sending this note to let you know it is my understanding this order was cancelled. I am deeply impressed with the compassion your firm has for customers.

Bare Copper

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