WesBell Testimonials

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Things are going well for me, and I hope for you as well sir! I did receive the package, and am using the notepad now, thank you so much! I have been on your site recently looking at an item for a bid, so I am definitely keeping Wesbell front and center for my requirements if I can use you. I haven’t had a lot of large quotes come across recently, and have had a lot of other smaller projects keeping me busy. I promise to keep you in mind for any upcoming opportunities, and look forward to working with you as well. Have a great day Alan!

Bio-Analytical Solutions
Wichita KS

Reasonable Prices

I really appreciate the quality of your material and especially the fact that you sell it by the foot at very reasonable prices. We use a number of trailers in our family and as you probably know, wiring / tail light function is always a problem with trailers. Now that I have found your business, I plan to use your products whenever I can, and I’ll tell everyone I deal with about your cable. Thanks for the offer to keep the cable, but I know that it has value to you. I hope you remain in business for a very long time.

Trailer Manufacturer
Littleton CO

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